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Daakiya is a celebration of old school postcards and photographs. 
It was initiated in 2019 by 4 photographers from Lady Shri Ram College for Women

bringing original photo postcards to you, 

putting together their love for photography and written notes. 

Creator's Note.  

We believe in sending messages that do not expire to

all corners of India, and record history.
Our venture aims to bring postcards back in town,
bind people closer and encourage sharing heartfelt messages.
We, as artists, are overwhelmed to carry such beautiful snippets and stories.

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We have a range of tastefully curated postcards, featuring original photographs from our archives, available only at Daakiya.

Daakiya also has something for all book lovers- unique bookmark sets featuring photographs!


From old world charm of Delhi and many other cities, to capturing nature and aestheticism around us - this is a one stop place for all. 

Vintage Postcards

Customer Reviews

Y'all are doing a wonderful

job spreading smiles.


- Ahaana

Has always been a wonderful experience with you! Absolutely love your concept and dedication.


The shots are amazing

and what you do is good work!

Kudos to you all!


-Akshita Ajitsaria

I love your page. I always feel so calm whenever Daakiya posts.

-Sanjana Nair

Daakiya's postcards have a certain je nai sais quois about them, a special nostalgia that can only be evoked by the feel of a beautiful photo in your hands and the infinite possibility of words that can be written on the back.

-Amogh Sinha

Daakiya brings back the lost art of postcard writing, with stunning photography. Daakiya's postcards have been a delight for everyone I have sent it to.

-Ayushi Mahajan


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